June 1, 2006 Andy 0 Comments

I was joined by Espe on Saturday in Krakow. A lazy day spent avoiding the Pope, although we did have an good meal down in the old Jewish quarter of the city with live music accompaniment.

On Sunday we got on the bus down to Zakopane (4 euros for a 200km trip!). A picturesque village at the foot of the Tatra Mountain range. The weather was pretty terrible and the prohibition laws we were trying to escape were also in force in Zakopane. That didn’t ruin our evening though as we found a wonderful log cabin restaurant serving traditional Polish cuisine with a live folk band playing for our entertainment. Best of all, the three course meal for two came to 17 euros in total. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that well, that cheap.

Thankfully the following day the weather came good so we headed up the cable car to one of the 2000 meter peaks providing a temperature of 0 degrees centigrade, lots of snow and stunning views. A short walk found us at the Polish / Slovak border. Of course we wandered into Slovakia just for the sake of it.

We spent the following seven hours negotiating several other peaks and then making the long trek back to Zakopane. A fantastic day out in a truly stunning location, but I’ll leave the photos to do the talking…

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