100 Things to do before I die…

A friend of mine, Alistaire, who I used to work with in Halfords came back from a holiday once saying how he had been able to strike another thing off his 100 things to do before he dies list. He’d been swimming with Dolphins in some exotic part of the world. I figured I needed to get one of those lists for myself. After all, without ambitions…

So, in no particular order (well actually there is some kind of order. I, of all people, couldn’t possibly leave it completely random), here is my list:

  1. Swim with Dolphins
  2. Attend the Sonar Festival
  3. Join a mountain biking club 2009, Bristol
  4. Drive a Mini around the World
  5. Sailing holiday in the Medetarranian
  6. Climb Mount Kinabalu in Borneo
  7. Attend a Nascar meeting
  8. Dive Sipidan
  9. Self Drive Fraser Island
  10. 4×4 Oz trip
  11. Set up as a semi pro photographer
  12. Travel in South America
  13. Trekking in Nepal
  14. Travel in Asia 2008
  15. Travel in Africa
  16. Return to Kyrgyzstan
  17. Diving the Great Barrier Reef August 2008
  18. Dive with Sharks 2008
  19. Build a ludicrous project car (moto mini)
  20. Drive the Nurburgring (In said ludicrous project?)
  21. Drive the Monaco Grand Prix circuit
  22. See the Monaco Grand Prix
  23. See the Pikes Peak hillclimb
  24. See LeMans 24 Hours
  25. Learn to sail a racing cat September 2006, Oliva, Spain
  26. Ride in a Helicopter January 2007, India / October 2007, New Zealand
  27. Ride in a Hot air balloon
  28. Go Hang Gliding
  29. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  30. Trek / Cycle the Camino de Santiago
  31. Become a school teacher
  32. Space Needle : Chicago
  33. Coit tower : San Francisco December 2007
  34. Visit and trek the Grand Canyon
  35. See the Pyramids
  36. Admire the Niagra Falls
  37. See Ayres Rock August 2007, Australia
  38. Visit Ankor Wat April 2007, Cambodia
  39. Machu Pichu
  40. Visit the Taj Mahal December 2006
  41. See the Northern Lights
  42. Staples to Naples Rally – www.staples2naples.com
  43. Plymouth Dakar Rally – www.plymouth-dakar.co.uk
  44. Own / Drive a Lancia Delta Integrale Evo II
  45. Rickshaw Run Janurary 2007, India
  46. Learn to fly a helicopter
  47. Montreux Jazz Festival
  48. Big Chill festival
  49. Harvest on Mats’ Island in Sweden
  50. Proms in the park
  51. Drive the Stelvio pass
  52. Cross the Millau Bridge
  53. Ride in a light aircraft June 2004, Sundsvall, Sweden
  54. Do a parachute jump Jan 2005, Oceana, Spain
  55. Own & run a guest house
  56. See a fully grown whale shark
  57. Complete a Triathlon
  58. Own / Drive a Porsche 911
  59. Learn to Paraglide Inspired by tandem flight in Peru, Feb 2009
  60. Build / drive / own a Lotus 7 derivient
  61. Read a book in one sitting en route to Mongolia 2009
  62. Visit the bombed remains of that town in France (Oradour-sur-Glane, thanks Niki)
  63. Take part in the 6 hour Bristol Bike Fest race
  64. Drive a Lamborghini 2011 with Juan (link?)
  65. Go to Gilles’ World Wide Festival 2011
  66. Snowboarding holiday in the Alps
  67. Fly London Helilanes
  68. Cycle Lands End to John O’ Groats
  69. Visit Granada’s Alambra
  70. London to Brighton cycle ride
  71. Farnborough Airshow (actually paying to get in)
  72. Goodwood Festival of Speed
  73. Camanito del Rey, Malaga
  74. Notting Hill Carnival
  75. Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland
  76. Join a Batucada club
  77. Learn to paramotor April 2018
  78. Take up archery for a few months.
  79. Try free running
  80. Visit Banff National Park, Canada
  81. Check out Erased Tapes Audio Gallery.
  82. Virginia Mountain Bike Trail
  83. Ma in architecture
  84. Play Halflife again (triggered by Guardian article)
  85. Sounds system / DJ set @ St. Pauls carnival
  86. Vancouver to Japser by train (Tony Robinson)
  87. Alfred Wainwright’s coast-to-coast

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  1. heya andy! i had no idea you had a blog, and i love it 😀 this list is indeed very good, and i think i might make one myself! hope you guys are all good in spain with the sunshine and fresh air.

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