This page was originally set up for while I was away travelling for friends and family to send messages of support or abuse. It remains for here for me to reminisce.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Do not forget to get back to Cracow. I am hoping to get a house in year or two and I would be happy to have you on a grill party.

    “What say you” – as Aragorn said to the knights from the mountain.

    Good luck in your round world trip.


  2. a mate told me once…

    “Leaving do’s should be sad. If they are not then that would indicate that you’ve not had a good time and not met some great people.”

    I’ll leave that with no comment.
    (as you know I hate you anyway, you lucky bastard :P)

  3. You Lucky Bas*ard !! have a wicked time and try and stay out of TROUBLE !!!!

    Keep in touch and Come say goodbye in blighty

  4. Me dun jus step offa di palne form a Belize to fine out dat you is goin off pon yet anada adventure…

    Seeing as meeting you in Hingland is proving difficult (I personally blame Mr. Viglen), I may have to bump in to you in Asia…

    Been a long time and I hope all is well…

    Bets of Luck and stay away from the street-side Pakoras!



    Just been looking through the photo gallery and loving your pictures, my mate’s v impressed. I’d forgotten about the poor little piggies!

  6. Hi Andy,

    I am a member of Team Saskatchewan Mongol Rally 2007, the first ever team from Canada. There is a magazine that wants to do a story on us and they want to use that photo of your Mini going through that big puddle. I told them I would ask you for permission. Please let me know if they can use it.

    Warmest Regards,

    Jason Minvielle

  7. Congratulations to you both on completing the rickshaw race! we have been our usual disorganised selves and missed the deadline for sponsoring you. We are sure you will see many other worthy causes along your way and would like to donate £50 to the cause of your choice. Just let us know how to pay.
    Keep on enjoying your trip
    Carlos & Ros

  8. Hola chicos!!!

    Se os ve estupendamente!!! Qué alegría veros en las fotos tan felices!!!

    Las fotos son geniales y también el texto.

    Besos y suerte

  9. Hola chicos,
    solo queria saludar.
    He estado siguiendo vuestro recorrido y pasando mucha envidia sana, vaya viajecito!!!
    Me alegro muchisimo que os vaya bien.
    Quizas estamos en California todavia para Septiembre. Si no habeis cambiado los planes y venis, os lavaremos un poco y le dejaremos a Andy la maquina de afeitar de Matt (es broma 😉
    Un beso grande,

  10. Hey man, glad ur having a good time, sorry to hear about Espe’s ankle! Ankor wat is not some where you want to go with a spraind ankle! Good score on the new digs! FREE breakfast makes it all worth while! wish we’d found it now! oh well. Totaly know what you mean re. tuk tuk driver hassel! NIGHTMARE!! any hoo. Glad all is ok now. Us, we’re in sunny ish North England! catch you later,

    Mike and Claire

  11. This is just a belated happy birthday, as i do not trust your mother to have passed on that from me. We are back at school today for the first time since your birthday, so i have really tried hard.

    Hope you are continuing to have a good time.

    Love V

  12. It has been a long time. Happy birthday Andy and abrazos to Espie! Madrid is warming up. Hope you have some money left… Lots of stories to tell me I can imagine. Keep going guys!!!!X

  13. Hola amigos
    qué de aventuras! menuda pasada. En cuanto volvais a España me tenéis que contar en personas todas vuestras vivencias. Si al final os quedáis en Londres me voy a veros.
    Espero que siga todo bien y vayáis disfrutando esta experiencia increíble.
    Os mando un abrazo muy fuerte
    jodé, qué envidia, chaval!
    los bullfighters

  14. Hi Andy & Espe,

    It was a real pleasure to meet you both on Koh Chang. I am not suitably enthused about the rickshaw run, and hoping to get a team together!

    Thanks for posting the picture of us, I think that could be the only picture of us on the whole internet.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip,

    Tom, Charlie and Ben

  15. mmm: Australia!
    Sois buenos… muy buenos
    Pasarlo muy bien por las antípodas y recordar que no nos olvidamos de vosotros
    Un fortísimo abrazo

  16. How Do!

    I’ve not read any of your latest updates yet, but just had a quick squizz through the pics, leaving me with one overriding thought….. GET YER CHUFFING HAIR CUT YOU LAZEEE BAR-STEWARD! 😀 Plaqmeister? Mopmeister more like 😉

    Where have you been this past year, travelling the globe or summat? Don’t you know the Mr Potato Head look is back in for 2007 😀

    I jest.

    Anyway, I’m still on a high after this year’s Stelvio tour, which was fab, and all the better as a mate and I organised the whole thing. I’ll see your 8 hours of straight Aussie roads, and raise you 8 hours of Alpine twisties 😀

    Finally, I challenge you to grab a beer with Espe, let your hair down (erm….. I SEE) and chillout on a beach somewhere, listening to Age of Sin by Eat More Cake (last track on this page)…..

    OK I realise the logistics of streaming music from the t’interweb while lying on a beach could be a tad challenging, but I’ll leave that one in your capable hands 🙂

    The Flailing Sepia

  17. Hello Andy!!!!Hello Espe!!!!

    How are you??? And where are you??? 😉
    I’m curious…, I hope all is good for you, I try to look at your both web site when I have time, but I undertand it’s not easy to update every days…
    For myself I’m still in Darwin, and I’ll leave next week for the West coast, I don’t know yet how, but it’s enough for me, I don’t earn a lot of money so I’ll leave and I’ll try to find a job around Perth.

    Enjoy your trip, best for the next.

    See Ya.


  18. Hi!
    We just had a look at some photos, they are great! We are looking forward to see some things you already saw, because we are travelling the other way around (and so still have about 10 months left, not making you jeallous jet?)
    It was nice meeting you at Millford Sound and just a minute ago in Queenstown! And we hope to see your MAOUI-van somewhere here tonight…
    Or maybe meeting you tomorrow on a Shotover-jetboat…

    Greetings from the flashy Jucy Van!

  19. Can’t believe you’re still travelling!! I haven’t been checking your blog as often as I should and was expecting you to be home in Harrow long ago!

    Anyway, hope you’re stil having fun,
    see you soon,

  20. Hey hows it going?

    Wow! So glad I remembered your blog – amazing pictures … sounds like everythings still going well . I’m back in reality – cold, dark (albeit musical) manchester…! happy days

    Did you manage to do that shark dive or is that yet to come you lucky gits?

    Your blog entry on the phillipines made me smile, hope alls well with you both. It was nice meeting you.

    Jonny Mancunian dreads

  21. Hello Andy, Hello Espe!
    Just to say hello, and a bit late happy new year…
    Very nice pictures you have on your blog, it’s a very nice trip that you are doing…Where are you right now?
    Good luck, keep having fun.
    Take care.

  22. Happy Birthday!

    Although I’m not acutally sure if it’s today or may be it was Sunday?! Anyway hope you have a great day!!

    Speak soon,

  23. Andy,

    Hope all is well….it’s Rob from Cuenca…Christine and I are in Edinburgh now. Should be here for a while as long as we can nail down some jobs. Let us know if you’re ever in the area.

    Looks like you made it to Valencia, we pulled into Lisbon about two weeks ago which gave us about a week to wind down before getting back to the real world.

    Keep in touch,

    Rob (p.s. sick pics from Nurburgring!)

  24. Hi Andy,

    Hope your flight was right and you reached Bristol not too late 🙂
    What about the page to upload things? I would like to give you the incredible song by jenny sheinman.
    First I visited your website I find those incredible things by katiman, what the hell 🙂
    And thanks a lot for carrying me and my bike home and to the trainstation 🙂

    sers Jonas

    (sers = bavarian language
    And remember the phrases you have been teached by us:-)
    Vuiil Hoalz foor der Hüttn)

  25. Hey Andy,
    I just ran across your Mongol Mini site. I am preparing to do the Mongol Rally this summer, and your site came up in research. Thanks for keeping it up, it’s got some good lessons and info on car prep. We will be doing the trip in a 2001 Suzuki Wagon R+, and I am in the midst of planning how to prep it for the rally. I have less than 2 weeks to do it, since I am in the US, and the car is in the UK, and I only get over there 2 weeks before rally kick off. I am trying to sort out what to do, what tools I need to buy, and trying to find where I can work on it, etc etc… it’s good fun. Anyway, just wanted to drop a note and say thanks! Check us out on our website:


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