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Stat’s Boy

You’re sat in the office on a dull afternoon reading this immensely interesting blog and quietly wondering to yourself, how can he afford all this? This round the world trip has been a long term plan of mine ever since … Continue reading

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Hmong under threat

I’m really not in a writing mood so you’ll have to wait a bit for more America bashing along with my latest experiences in Vietnam. Heading in the direction of Cambodia tomorrow up the Mekong delta. For the time being, … Continue reading

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The Secret War

Everyone has heard about the Vietnam war, but what do you know about the secret war waged by America in Laos? The 1954 Geneva Convention established Laos as neutral. This was recognised at the time by the USA, yet in … Continue reading

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Vang Viang

We were relaxing by the river in Vang Viang watching the sun set over the mountains. Espe is currently battling her way through Orwell’s Burmese Days (which is full of words that I’ve never seen before). She stopped to look … Continue reading

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Luang Phrabang

I’m not going to apologise for this post which is sure to be rather long. I’ve just got too much to say. We’ve been in Luang Phrabang for a week now. We’d only planed to stay two or three days, … Continue reading

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And into Laos…

After 6 hours spent on two different buses in varying states of decay, we reached the Thai border town on Chiang Kong. From here it was a short hop across the border, and as it happens the river Mekong, into … Continue reading

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