Category: Friday Fun

October 13, 2006 Andy 0 Comments

With Google buying out YouTube this week just shows how big this internet video revelation is. I’ve seen so many good links lately. Far too many to post, so instead here’s a collection of videos similar to something I’ve been playing about with over the last couple of years; Stop gap animation. I’ve had a few good results, but nothing as good as these: Clifton Suspension Bridge 1 week of art Ballon Festival A day in the life…

August 25, 2006 Andy 0 Comments

Who sent me a whole host of amusing links. I’m posting the best of them here. Its all about the treadmills The World’s greatest dominoes run and not a domino in sight! Combine fast cars and google maps… doesn’t get much better than this. Claude Lelouch’s Rendezvous (For the nerds amungst us, I’m not convinced by the sound track. Great though it sounds, the speed of the car doesn’t match it.) P.S. I will get round to posting about last weekend, this week has been quite tough and I’ve not been so well.

July 28, 2006 Andy 0 Comments

I’ve been pretty busy over the last week having been in three different countries. Full report to follow but I’ve been tied up with volunteer webmaster work for both the mongolminis and the Mongol Rally to even produce that. Sometimes I think I’m just too nice… So, in the meantime here’s another fun little link: How to perform a reverse barrel roll….

July 14, 2006 Andy 0 Comments

… for another great selection of motoring links: Americans… need I say more? Oh my God!!! Honey, are you trying to scare me? And after such cringe worthy clips, some true entertainment: Pikey Burnout!