Krakow Week 1

May 26, 2006 Andy 0 Comments

Welcomed by blue skies, warm sunshine and full terraces I’m delighted to once again be in Krakow.

The beginning of the week was not so great as I was a little ill, but come Wednesday I was back to normal and ready for one of the infamous Cap Krakow nights out. A good meal in Metropolitan followed by far too many beers in a nice courtyard terrace bar and subterranean club. A few more than too many beers for a couple of the managers. One was completely incoherent by the end of the night and another managed to fall up the stairs.

Yesterday was all a bit random. One of the Cap engineers told me that one of his customers had asked to speak to me by name. I picked up the phone a little confused as I couldn’t understand how this chap knew I was here, and it turned out to be my old flat mate from Madrid, Steve Wooding. Not someone I’d spoken to for a while but I was aware he’d left Spain and gone back to the UK. Good to have a bit of a chat and find out what he’s up to.

Later that day when walking home from work someone approached me in the street asking for directions. Thankfully as these were asked in English I was able to help out. Given that this lass wanted to go to the same place that I was going to, I said I’d show her the route. As it turns out she was Spanish and from Valencia.

She was travelling with her work and finishing her trip off in Krakow. Realising that we were both destined for a lonely dinner we decided to go to the excellent Italian restaurant on the main square together. Carolina and I had an excellent chat about pretty much everything. An interesting girl with some very well formed opinions. Attributes that I seem to see in every well travelled person I meet.

As of 6pm today, prohibition was introduced in Krakow. This will only be in place for the whole weekend as the Pope is visiting. All the trams sport Vatican flags in his honour, there is a huge portrait draped down the cathedral and various extra flood lighting has been placed on the nicest buildings. None of the engineers I work with seemed particularly enthused by the visit but say that many people take this very seriously and go a little too crazy for the Pope. I must say I got quite excited when 8 police cars and the Popemobile speed by (albeit Pope less) as we walked back from lunch.

I’ll take a wander around tomorrow to see whats happening but once Espe arrives we’ll head out of the city to escape the madness.

As ever, a good week over here, and we’ve been frequenting a new eating establishment at lunchtimes. They guys have discovered the nearby university canteen: Cheap, tasty and plentiful food with a balcony terrace giving wonderful views over the campus.

Quote of the day has to go to Marcin who when quizzed if he was going home after putting on his jacket and bag responded, “no, I’m going to buy vodka. There’s only 15 minutes left”.

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