Krakow Week 2

June 2, 2006 Andy 0 Comments

Having got back from Zakopane, Espe was suddenly quite ill. She had the same as me the week before but much worse (as it turns out our flat mate in Madrid suffered the same so obviously some kind of virus going around). She spent two days in bed unable to do much more than watch the tennis. Really gutting as she was so excited about this trip and yet she has returned home without seeing Krakow at all. She didn’t even get to hear the trumpet in the main square… We will have to come back.

This week I was also joined by Mats. It was excellent that our visits coincided once again, giving us hours to talk about all things close to our hearts while enjoying great food and drink paid for by the company.

Last night Mats and I met up with Piotr for a few beers. Piotr was one of the engineers who worked in CAP in Poland but has since left. I always got on very well with him while he still in CAP and wanted to meet up for a beer before going home again.

We ordered one of the famous CK brewer beer taps (see pic), specifying light beer. The waitress brought out dark beer. We argued that we wanted light but she refused to change in saying we would have to pay. After arguing with the manager they eventually changed it, but that has to be some of the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. None of us like dark beer, we would not have ordered it by mistake. If they had refused to change it then they would have lost out on our business for the food we were planning on ordering. This is in complete contrast to the waiter the previous night who spotted that my steak was incredibly rare while taking my plate away and offered me a free dessert to compensate.

After leaving CK Brewer we each went our own way and I wandered off to the main square to get some night photos with my new toy. I’ve finally gone digital with my SLR and I’m the proud new owner of a Canon EOS 30D. A fantastic bit of kit that I’m seriously impressed with so far. I’ve always been interested in night photography ever since I got some good pics of a flood lit castle in Austria at the age of 14, but with film you have to wait for development before seeing the results. Last night I snapped away some 30 odd shots, each time seeing the results immediately and allowing me to make appropriate changes. I’ll post up some of the good pic’s when I’m able to get them off the camera.

So that ends what was supposed to be my last two weeks in Krakow. I somehow think I’ll be back before long, be it work or pleasure.

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