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I’ve just had this through from The Adventurists.
Lions? Interesting.

The Icarus Trophy is Migrating


The Icarus Trophy is the greatest aerial adventure on planet earth. But back at HQ, we decided it was time to make it even more adventurey. So we had ourselves a look at a drawing board. And then it hit us like a frying pan to the eyebrow. Lions. We need to add lions. Not only lions but giraffes, elephants, border crossings and the giant savannas of Africa.


And on top of that, the 2018 event has just opened for sign up.



Launching on the 25th of July just north of Johannesburg, South Africa and finishing near Victoria Falls, Zambia, this is likely to be the biggest test of your character since you realised you accidentally pocketed that lolly in the sweet shop when you were 12.

International borders will be the checkpoints and passport stamps will act as proof of reaching them. There will be a huge launch party, two days of pre-race training, a week of air time and then a massive party at the finish. If you make it that is.

It could be you flying over the Kalahari Desert, mountains, the Okavango Delta, salt pans and lions. It’s going to blow your socks to kingdom come.

Even if you don’t know how to fly yet you have plenty of time to train and get ready to take on this summer’s adventure.

So then, that’s all. We’ll see you there in July.

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