More travels?

June 3, 2017 Andy 0 Comments

When Espe and I circumnavigated the globe some ten years ago, we met various families who had taken time away from their routine to travel. None impressed me more than a French family who were away for three years in their own custom built Land Rover motorhome. The children, eldest 10 and twins 8 (if I recall correctly) were continuing with the French curriculum, doing the same course material, homework and exams as their friends back home. By studying a mere two hours a day the were able to keep up to date, and with the travels were exposed to and learning all about the world. The maturity and knowledge of these kids blew me away, and has stuck with me ever since.

I don’t know if it was that day back in Laos, or some subsequent moment, that I decided I would travel around South America for six months or more with my (yet to be concevied) children. Either way it’s a dream that is simmering away in the background for some time. Timing is key as Oscar needs to be old enough to appreciate what is going on around him, but Sofia needs to be young enough for it not to be too disruptive to her schooling. I think I’ve probably got about 5 years to save up the cash to make it happen.

As some of you probably already know, Espe is about to finish her Genetics degree in Barcelona and shortly after we’ll be moving back to Bristol. A few weeks back Espe suggested we have a holiday once she finishes. I think we deserve it after the last few years of juggling study, work and raising a family. A few ideas came to mind, a trip to Thailand, Touring the north of Spain and then it clicked. Why not get a camper van and drive back to England with a slight detour around any particular corner of Europe that takes our fancy. Our experiences with camper vans in Australia and New Zealand, John and Nat’s trip of a year away with their baby, and my plan of travelling in a van all around South America all served as inspiration. Needless to say, I got rather excited about the idea, and even sketched out and route plan.

Espe came round to the idea, so now all I need to do is buy myself a camper van. I’m sure I’ll be able to fit it in somewhere alongside all the work, childcare and packing for the move…

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