Sofia’s first summer holiday

July 26, 2012 Andy 0 Comments

At the end of the spring / summer semester we took the opportunity to explore a bit of Catalunya. It was but a brief camping trip (much like this write up) but we managed to get up into the Pyrenees and over to the north east coast.



We started our trip camping near Campdevanol where we met a friendly Basque family even if they did begrudgingly have to speak in Spanish with us. The following day we climbed some 1000 meters via the rack railway to visit the impressive Val de Nuria sancturary close to the French border. Stunning views and great walks to be had some 2000 meters above sea level.






For the second half of the trip we headed over to the Cap de Creus peninsula. We stayed in Roses for a bit of beach time and took day trip over the hills to Cadaques which, despite the huge influx of tourists and rich artistic history, remains largely unspoilt and rather quaint.


We’d deliberately limited the trip to just four days, with camping with a 11 month old baby being a bit of an experiment. Apart from struggling to get the food we wanted for Sofia and a flat battery in the Mondeo it all went pretty smoothly. Hopefully the first of many family camping trips.

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