MTB with Christian – Parc Colserol

June 17, 2011 Andy 0 Comments

It was a pleasure to have Christian come to visit. We’d been planning it for a while, and although the initial April trip was cancelled, Christian made it over with his bike ready for a few days riding in Catalunya.

Having been out on the bike very little, I was worried about my level of fitness (last time I rode with Christian we crossed the Alps… I was the fittest I think I’ve ever been, and he still left me standing). I was relieved to here that with him studying for his finals he’d done very little exercise too.

Over a Beer and the laptop, we managed to dig out three trails from GPSies that we planned to ride the next three days. Day one’s ride was actually a combination of a trail on GPSies and bits I made up myself from local knowledge.

Day 1 was supposed to be the easy warm up. Highest point being a mere 400 something metres up. As it turned out, my getting carried away with plotting a route on google maps lead to a pretty long ride!

Christian in front of La Mola
Me, in front of some green stuff
A long climb was rewarded by great views over Barcelona
Cube, Clearly the best bike manufacturer ever!
View of Barcelona from Tibidabo
View from Tibidabo
Nice snake bite puncture for Christian after a rather ambitious jump over a stream.
Looking back to Tibidabo and the TV tower towards the end of the day. It was a long ride.

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