La Rioja

June 8, 2011 Andy 0 Comments

I’m currently building a website for a chap called Tom. He’s slightly more well off than most, so when he invited me to go to Logroño in La Rioja region to sample some wine, I didn’t have to think twice, especially given that Tom was going to be flying us there…

Arriving at the deserted Logroño airport there was only one ‘taxi’ waiting in the pickup zone. It was white, rather long and had a fridge full of Cava.

We went on two bodega tours which I have to say were facsinating. I learnt a lot about the wine making process but the highlight had to be when one of our group fell off his chair in the wine tasting session.

I was most impressed by the number and size of caves and tunnels that the wine was stored in to age. 100s of barrels stretching for over 100 metres. Perfect temperature and humidity apparently.

Of course both tours were completed by wine tasting sessions, which were great for the obvious reasons, but also very informative for someone as lacking in wine knowledge as myself. The oldest wine we tried was from 1969!

If you get a chance to go on a wine tasting trip, do so. Especially if you are lucky enough to be flown their in a light aircraft and chauffeured around in a Limo!

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