Always, always, always check that your backups are not currupted!

September 25, 2010 Andy 0 Comments

I didn’t and now I’ve lost all of the content for, and Bollocks!

Migrating from one hosting provider to another (in the interest of saving a few pennies) I failed to check the condition of the database downloads and get them installed on the new hosting server before the old account expired. Eight or so databases came down ok, but three didn’t, due to masses of spam filling up one table and breaking the download.

Typically, the of those three damaged databases, one of them had to be Every blog entry from this site lost. All those accounts of my life over the last five years, including my round the world trip, lost!

No one to blame but myself. Where is Andy? Who cares. How is Andy? Not a very happy bunny right now.

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