Las Putas Obras!

November 8, 2005 Andy 0 Comments

I got home from the Pub Quiz last night to find the road works that have been the bain of my life lately still going on at 1 in the morning… Pnuematic drill ‘n all.

A few low flying eggs and my irate girlfriend having a go didn’t stop the workers working till 4:30 AM!!!! They started up again at 7:30 am.

My girlfriend missed a job interview as she was unable sleep last night. It is all making me very angry. The council here have the audacity to state that they have to work through the night as the disruption to traffic during the day would be too great. WHAT ABOUT THE 100s OF RESIDENTS?

They are building a tunnel linking one of the motorways to the end of my road. A project that is estimated to take two years…

view from my bedroom window

It is getting absolutely ridiculous. The only day we get off is Sunday, as they work through Saturdays as well.

Originally I didn’t want the hastle of moving flat again, but after last night for the sake of my sanity and health I have no choice.

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