Been pretty busy lately…

November 5, 2005 Andy 0 Comments

Since returning from Mongolia I’ve been pretty busy. Only the last week or two have I been able to catch up but that is only because I’ve been on call with work…

I was flown out to Krakow for two weeks with work having only had 2 and a bit weeks back in Spain. No complaints, as I see it as a free opportunity to travel.

Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow  Tasia contemplates her beer
Krakow is a great little city, and the people we were working with were great, giving us a few excellent nights out on the town, in several of the underground bars and clubs.

On my way back from Krakow I was able to get a flight to London, and then drive my new car (my sisters old car) down from England to Madrid. Espe flew into London to meet me and we set off the Saturday morning.

We took it quite leisurely, taking three days to complete the trip. The highlight of which was driving through the Pyrenees on some fantastic roads, crossing 5 mountain passes in the process.

Pyrenees  Paella

The following weekend Espe and I went down to Valencia for the weekend to visit her family. Food (including Espe’s parents excellent Paella), drink and rest. A nice quiet weekend at last.

And the weekend after that? Well I went down to Mazarron to visit Chris and go diving. I was accompanied by Espe, Philippe and Ana. Espe and Ana finished the weekend as newly qualified PADI open water divers, and Philippe and I got a couple of dives in as well.

Espe swims maskless  Moray Eel

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