The next ridiculous bike ride is planned…

March 27, 2009 Andy 0 Comments

I’m getting more and more into my mountain biking, and spend a lot of time thinking when and where I will go next. I’ve just returned from the centro joventud (still got a few weeks before I hit 30) in Alaquas where I was trawling through all their mountain biking and trekking route guides. While there I discovered the GR10, one of many of a network of trails all over the country. This particular trail, also part of the European E7, works its way from Med coast near Valencia to the Atlantic in Portugal taking in some pretty stunning scenery on the way. More designed to be done in sections, it occurred to me that the only sensible thing to do would be to cycle the whole length of it. Who fancies joining me?

My first long bike trip in November last year took didn’t quite work out as I planned. I’d wanted to do mostly off road trails, but ended up doing it all on road due to the weight of and the way I was carrying my luggage. This route would give a serious amount of off road stuff as well as a lot of mountains. Is it possible? Of course. When will I do it? Not sure, but the idea is there and I think it would be a pretty incredible experience.


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