November 28, 2005 Andy 0 Comments

I’ve been back in Poland for over a week now, yet no posts. I guess that’s where the name slack plak came from.

It’s cold here in Krakow. Hovering around 0 degrees during the day and dropping down to -8 at nights, but the snow more than makes up for it. I’m such a kid when it comes to such things.

Work has been manic. Non stop all day, often doing 10 hour shifts, but its ok as the people here are friendly and grateful of our help (plus I don’t have to deal with any customers directly).

The evenings have been just as manic. Often starting with expenses paid 3 course dinners, followed by copious amounts of beer.

I had the pleasure of the company of the two Swedes, Mats & Lenard, and of Niel who I’d never met before. Niel is a man of my own heart. Cars and cameras. Needless to say, with us four, the conversation always reverted to horse power and handling.

Out every night (4am was our latest), on school nights, took its toll. We kept being invited out by the CAP guys, and just couldn’t say no. As a result, Friday night was a write off.

Thankfully that enabled Neil and I to take advantage of Saturday, wandering round the city center in the morning and visiting the spectacular salt mine. I’ll let my photos do the talking on that one, but you’ll have to wait as I forgot my camera data cable.

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