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October 16, 2010 Andy 1 Comments

In desperation I email Bluehost, my previous hosting provider, begging and pleading for them to see if they could retrieve a backup. Not that long later, I got the following response:

Dear Andy,

Thank you for verifying the correct password information. We understand your concern and have good news. Accounts are actually deleted about 10 days past the expiration date. Since your account expired on 09/17/2010, it has not yet been deleted.

We suggest logging into your account and renewing for 1 month. This will allow you to access your files and make proper backups.

Thank you,

Billing Specialist

No, Kimberlee, Thank you!

And so, as a result, you can now see restored to its former glory, albeit with a new theme.
Note to self; take regular back ups, and bloody well check they are good.

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  1. I have no comment to make about that. Except this. Which equates to nothing. Like extended nothingness. If such a thing is possible – which one assumes it shouldn’t be. But here it is, a non-comment, rudely existing where it shouldn’t. Existing in your face so to speak. Like a big slap in the teeth of logic. But not really because the preceding sentences are utterly devoid of logic. Most substituted with a substance called “Zoco” which comes in at 25% ethanol. Nice. I say use paper next time Andy. Then send it by pigeon to everyone who knows you. Assuming they have homing pigeons. Unless you invent someone-else’s-homing-pigeons, which would be exceedingly difficult to train. Like herding cats, as the saying goes. Does anyone else find it difficult to put a comma in front of the word “which” sometimes? Not as in the sentence before where it worked a treat but other times. a href=”” title=””

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