Turtle Island

April 28, 2007 Andy 0 Comments

Just in case you weren’t being sarcastic Chris, what do you think of this?

We’re now on Koh Tao swimming with the fishes. Welcomed back by clear (10 – 15 metre vis’) warm (30 degrees) waters, I do like this place. I was first here with Jon in 2004, and although it is busier and more developed, it still remains beautiful. On top of that, this is one of the cheapest places in the world to dive. Espe and I have so far done six dives each with two more to go. We’ve seen all sorts; barracuda, sting rays, angel fish, harlequin sweet lips, moray eels to name but a few, however the highlight has been the three turtles we’ve seen. Truly magnificent beasts.

Oh, and Jon, In Touch is as I remember it. Great music, great green curries and the same great staff. Unfortunately I cannot say the same about Master Divers.

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